Telo Herzl Hoy is a vibraphonist/composer and photographer from Santa Fe, New Mexico based in Chicago, Illinois.

His work is influenced by environmental acoustics, sonic ethnography, and human caused environmental change, exploring the relationship between music, place and belonging through acoustic instruments, photography, field recordings, sampling, and live processing.

He has composed chamber music, electroacoustic music, electronic music, and has worked on numerous film scores, music for dance, solo sound exhibitions and music for multimedia exhibitions.

He has performed as a percussionist in numerous ensembles, premiering new compositions and working collaboratively as an improviser and interpreter across experimental music, classical music, and jazz music. He frequently performs and collaborates working with fellow musicians, composers, filmmakers, choreographers, dancers, and visual artists.

As the Co-Founder of The Documentarian Magazine, a quarterly magazine focusing on artistic documentary in writing, photography, illustration, and sound, he is the photography and sound editor, graphic designer, and a contributing writer.

He has worked as an audio/visual technician, a multimedia exhibition installer, a composer for scientific exhibitions, and as a sound designer for interactive exhibitions. He holds a B.A. in Music Composition from Bard College.

Telo is available for commissioned compositions and film scores, live musical performances and collaborations, sound design, audio editing/engineering and photography: telohoy[at]gmail[dot]com

photographs by Mána Taylor Hjörleifsdóttir and Fyodor Shiryaev