Telo Herzl Hoy is a composer and vibraphonist from Santa Fe, NM based in New York, NY.

His music is influenced by the acoustics of natural and built environments, the physicality of manufactured and non-manufactured materials, and the ways in which humans have altered how materials and environments interact. He works with acoustic instruments, analog electronics, and field recordings to develop pattern-based music can be characterized as chordal, melodic, and textural.

As a percussionist, he has performed in numerous ensembles, premiering new compositions and improvising across experimental music, classical music, and jazz music. He has performed at Compound Yellow (Chicago), Currents 826 Gallery (Santa Fe), Form & Concept Gallery (Santa Fe), Santa Fe Art Institure (Santa Fe), Prachtwerk (Berlin), and Mengi (Reykjavík).

As a film composer, he approaches composing by utilizing a contained instrumental pallet to create nuanced, textural, and stark scores that work with themes, patterns, and electronic processing.

His film scores have shown at Nòt Film Festival (Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy), Wicked Queer Film Festival (Boston), Soho Horror Fest (London), and Rio Festival de Cinema LGBTQIA+ (Rio de Janeiro). His sound exhibitions have shown at Currents 826 Gallery (Santa Fe) and Beckoning Path Retreat Center (Armonk, NY). His music has been performed by The Switch~ Ensemble.

As the Co-Founder of The Documentarian Magazine, a triannual magazine focusing on artistic documentary in writing, photography, illustration, and sound, he is the photography and sound editor, graphic designer, website designer, and a contributing writer.

He holds a B.A. in Music Composition from Bard College.

photographs by Fyodor Shiryaev