Telo Herzl Hoy is a vibraphonist/composer and photographer from Santa Fe, New Mexico based in Chicago, Illinois.

His work is influenced by the acoustics of natural and built environments, the physicality of manufactured and non-manufactured materials, and the ways in which humans have altered how materials and environments interact. He works with acoustic instruments, analog electronics, and field recordings to develop pattern-based music can be characterized as chordal, melodic, and textural. His recent projects include solo and ensemble compositions, film scores, and sound exhibitions.

As a vibraphonist, he has performed in numerous ensembles, premiering new compositions and working collaboratively as an improviser and interpreter across experimental music, classical music, and jazz music.

As the Co-Founder of The Documentarian Magazine, a triannual magazine focusing on artistic documentary in writing, photography, illustration, and sound, he is the photography and sound editor, graphic designer, website designer, and a contributing writer.

He holds a B.A. in Music Composition from Bard College.

photographs by Fyodor Shiryaev